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At Evans Law Solicitors we specialise in bringing a broad range of solutions to clients in need of help and guidance. We pride ourselves as being top quality Solicitors. We hope to bring you a level of expertise that not all firms will bring.

Personal Injury Claims

Being involved in an accident is never any fun for the victim. If that accident was caused by somebody else's negligence then you have the right to claim compensation. The chances are that if you are claiming a against another motorist or a company then they will have insurance cover to handle such claims. 

We will always act on a "No Win No Fee" basis for such claims and you the client will never be asked to pay any costs up front. With our experience and expert guidance we can ensure that your claim is dealt with quickly and with the minimum of inconvenience.

Power of Attorney

Whilst most people are aware of the importance of making a will, not everyone understands that granting a Power of Attorney can be just as important, if not more so. 

Power of Attorney can only be given whilst you, the donor, have the mental capacity to do so. 

More and more families are finding that an elder relative has lost the ability to make financial decisions and has not granted a Power of Attorney. Unfortunately once that point is reached it is too late. 

The good news is that by granting a Power of Attorney you are not immediately giving up your rights to run your own finances. Nothing needs to change however once granted it is there as a back up should you become unable to make important decisions about your finances or your welfare.

At Evans Law Solicitors we have been focusing on making it easy for clients to put the arrangements in place. We can do all the paperwork for you and can even come out to your home if you cannot manage to get to us. We deal with the registration so you have nothing to worry about.

For more information and prices for this service don't hesitate to either telephone or email without delay.


Everyone should make a will. 

Wills do not have to be too complicated however they do have to be right otherwise they may be deemed invalid. It is certainly worth paying a Solicitor to draw your will for you. 

Some people still rely on the DIY wills you can buy in shops or on the internet however it is very easy to get these wrong which then renders them worthless. 

Call or email now for a quick chat and some pricing information. You'll probably be surprised how inexpensive it is.

Civil Disputes

Whether you have bought a car or anything else that just has problems or if you have a dispute with a neighbour we can give you some good sensible advice.

We will not mislead you for the sake of making money. If something is hopeless we will tell you. 

Whatever your dispute why not call or email now for a quick free professional response.

Family Disputes

Sadly not all marriages or relationships run smoothly forever. 

Many relationships break down for a variety of reasons and it may well be that both parties can emerge from a relationship breakdown on speaking terms having taken some sensible advice.

Mr Evans takes pride in trying to steer parties towards an amicable separation where separation is inevitable.

Children add an extra dimension and really need to be looked after. We will always advise you what a Judge is likely to say to try and avoid the cost and inconvenience of attending Court hearings.

Chris Evans was trained by a leading lawyer in the world of Family Law and has applied those principles many times in advising clients how to conduct an amicable separation with minimum disruption for any children involved.